This is Casami.
Your new home in Beycik, Antalya.

This is a place where those who live here are actually living it up.

When feeling alone, you may take to the streets downtown.

You may run to the beach to sunbathe or you may leap at the mountains for skiing.

You are free to discover your spirituality in the woods or the footprints of your ancestors at historical places.

Simply you can enjoy all the beauty the Lycian Way offers.

This is Casami.
Your new home in Beycik, Antalya.

Your ticket to wellness & serenity.
This is a place which indulges you by the fresh breath of pine woods, the cool breeze of the highlands, the charming voices of singing birds, the sweet taste of fruits and the comfort of its dwellers.

Being this close to other places and your own center at the same time, you may be captured by the dazzling beauty of Casami and this unique experience may make you never want to leave your home again.

What exactly is Casami?

Located in Narlı, Beycik village Casami is a village of 16 separate triplex villas built on an area of ​​2.652 m2 among pine forests, palm trees and pomegranate gardens.

Moreover, this village is at an altitude of 500 meters from the sea, that is, in a naturally air-conditioned highland climate.

What are the houses like?

There are four different villa concepts for you to choose from.

If you need to feel the breeze at all times the Casami Wind awaits you.

If you want to wake up with the sunrise, you may consider the Casami Sun.

If you like living closer to the woods, the Casami Forest works best for you.

If you are in love with the Mediterranean sea, you have the Casami Sea.

Whichever Casami you choose, your home here has been designed with fine details that make life easier. Comfortable and yet cozy, brand new villas with bathrooms on each floor, a terrace, a fireplace, a parking lot and a pool awaits you.
The visuals used for general information and promotion purposes about the Casami Beycik project and are not in the form of a commitment. The right to make necessary changes in the project implementation is reserved. Project is delivered in July 2021.

Whereabouts of Casami?

  • Antalya Airport – 81 km
  • Kemer City Center – 25 km
  • Tekirova Beach – 11 km
  • Phaselis Ancient City & Beach – 12 km
  • Çamyuva – 19 km
  • Olimpos Ancient City – 27 km
  • Çıralı Beach – 20 km
  • Tahtalı Mountain Lift – 21 km
Phone: +905327773186

Address: Beycik Mahallesi, Narlı Sokak, Casami Evleri, Kemer/Antalya